Dairies benefits

Click to enlarge Food plays has a big influence on the quality of life of every one of us. It is often said that we are what we eat, and we all want for us and our children to be healthy and beautiful.
This is why Covalact range is made out of healthy products, with 100% natural ingredients, with traditional recipes that are essential elements in a diet for health and beauty.

Concerning the dairy consumption the specialist stated the several benefits coming out of including them in a regular diet. Stimulating the immune system, strengthening the bones, presenting obesity, moisturising the skin, these are only few of the benefits that are first to be mentioned.
The leverage of dairies of a healthy life and good diet cannot be denied. The human body needs milk from the first stages of its existence and the whole future development of the new born is projected based on the dairies consumption from the first months of life. The presence of milk in the life of the newly born offset it also emotional attributes as it transformed in a precious, respected and beloved element in our lives. This is why milk and dairies have an ancient history, present in all cultures around the world. Dairies are amongst the top used foods in gastronomical culture of each country and they are valued for their nutrients and essential role in our development as individuals.

The biggest benefit of dairies is the high content of calcium. Calcium is the fundament for the metabolism of bones as it ensures their density and strength.  Dairy not only ensures the complex of mineral that help consolidate the bones system, moreover the calcium in milk is essential for other functions of the human body such as muscular contraction, blood coagulation and other important activities. We all want to keep our health and vitality as we age and a constant dairy consumption can prevent osteoporosis, a difficult disease that sets in with old age but that can be avoided through a rich in dairies diet.

Recent medical studies showed that dairies can help weight loss and maintain a normal weight. Research has shown that a 400 ml dairy consumption can reduce the obesity risk by up to 70%, and a diet rich in calcium accelerates fat burn. Skimmed milk has only 80 calorie per 250 ml.

Another benefit in dairies is the probiotics. Probiotics are live bacteria that live in our digestive system in harmony without causing any disease. On the contrary, in the last 10 years these harmless bacteria were subject of research and it was discovered that they play an important role strengthening the immune system. A daily supply of probiotics helps treating of relive a large number of diseases, especially of digestive nature such as constipation or irritable bowel syndrome.   

Because of their exceptional nutritional values, milk and other dairy products are the food elements most easily to be assimilated by our bodies.