How we manufacture our products?


Milk’s way from the cow to the factory

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Our milk comes from the cows that graze on the fresh aired meadows from Covasna and Harghita area. During cold season the cows are sheltered in special warm facilities, where they can move as they please. The cows that provide the milk from which we make Covalact recipes are fed with natural fodders.

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Every farm has milking systems in maximum hygiene surroundings, in conformity with the European standard.

The milk is kept in inbox recipients, transported in special tanks and microbiologically checked when collected. At the arrival at the factory another set of tests are made inside the factories laboratory.

Manufacturing the products

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Both factories, from Sfântul Gheorghe and Miercurea Ciuc have the right to utilize the oval stamp. This stamp is proof that the manufacturing facility and the utilized milk have European standards.
The criteria based on which the dairies are receiving the oval stamp are based on quality, good production and hygiene practice, know the logistics behind the final product, trained personnel and, last but not least, the implementation of HACCP concepts (hazard analysis and control of the critical points).
The manufacturing of any dairy product begins with milk pasteurization. As any grandmother that used to boil the freshly milked milk from her cow, in order to destroy the germs it might have, the milk used in Covalact’ factories is pasteurized in order to eliminate its impurities.

Quality control

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Within each of the two factories there is a chemical analysis laboratory. The personal of the laboratories is specialized in food chemistry and one of their main tasks is to check samples of every product lot that is being put out for sale.