Covalact’s history

Covalact is one of the biggest dairy producers in Romania with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing dairies. The company has over 500 employees working in Sfântu Gheorghe and Miercurea Ciuc factories.

Along four decades the company covered several stages that conveyed into the current development stage.

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COVALACT started in 1969 as "Milk collection and industrialization company Covasna", made out of three separate sides of production, each producing different categories. 

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Covalact was amongst the first companies to be constituted as a joined stock company with the majoritar package owned by the state, in 1990.

In 1993 the company’s management decided to start the privatization procedure. Starting with November S.C. COVALACT S.A. is registered at the Commerce Register as a private company with a 417 stock holders.

In 2003 Covalact started a joint venture with the Dutch dairy producer Campina in order to start manufacturing yoghurt for the Romanian market.

In June 2007 the majoritar Covalact stock package is taken over by SigmaBleyzer Southeast European Fund IV. Thus, the company enters a new development stage on the Romanian dairy market.

In April 2008 Primulact and Lactate Harghita were acquired through Covalact. From take over till present day, SigmaBleyzer invested almost 7 million EUR.

Since it was acquired by Sigma Blazer Covalact group entered a new modern stage, becoming more market and consumer oriented. Covalact’ portfolio evolved continuously, as thus the products launched in the last three years stand for 60% of the revenue.

Click to enlargeCreated in 2010, Covalact de Ţară brand was supported with TV commercial and project targeting distribution increase. From a locally distributed brand in 2007, Covalact de Tara becomes today a national brand that can be found on the modern trade shefls but also in small retailers

Thus, the brand’s notoriety Covalact de Are increased significantly thorough 2011, and it was chosen by the Romanian consumer as Super brand, along with other 300 brands, in 16 different categories.
Currently Covalact de Țară is market leader or has top positions in several dairy categories, such as: Brânzică de Casă, Făgăraș, Brânză proaspătă de vaci, Lapte Bătut, Sana.

In 2012 Covalact opens at Sfântu Gheorghe the new dairy logistics facility, following a 5 million lei investment. The storage has a capacity of 1.400 pallets, the equivalent of over 700 tons of products and is serving the two factories of the group, Sfântu Gheorghe and Miercurea Ciuc.

TUV certification

In 2012, the Sfantu Gheorghe factory received TUV certificates for ISO 9001 si FSSC 22000. This certification is awarded by the german company TÜV Rheinland, in Köln, the lider of the certification and inspection companies in Germany with over 140 years of history. The company is conducting inspections and awards working accreditations for factories and other facilities.

The TUV certification states that the Sfantul Gheorghe facility is running at the highest safety and quality standards.

The products are made under the food quality and safety management system ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000 certificate TÜV Thüringen: