Baked milk Covalact de Țară

Taste the freshly baked Lapte Covasit! It was baked for a long time after an old recipe and this gives him the caramel-sour taste and the unique color.
Laptele Covăsit Covalact de Țară is unique on the dairy market and inovates the traditional dairy drinks, through an original product based on a traditional recipe from Covasna County.

Lapte Covăsit Covalact de Țară can be found in the below variants:

Baked milk
Baked milk
Baked milk Covalact de Țară
Detailed description
Laptele Covăsit is produced by baking the milk at a high temperature, from the procedure resulting the buttery-caramel color and the specific caramel-like taste.

Baked milk

Nutritional information / 100 g of product
Energy values/Calories
of which saturates
of which sugars
222 kJ/ 53 kcal
3.3 g
2 g
2.7 g
2.7 g
3.2 g
0.1 g